Why you should select ASV Group?

Why you should select ASV Group?
Our Professional Experience
  1. Exposure to experienced and proven professional teams in both financial and IT Audit (CPA and CISA)
  2. High level of Partner’s involvement
  3. Comprehensive knowledge base to benefit clients
  4. Knowledge transfer, during the course of our audit, relating to 
    • Accounting and Taxation 
    • System Development 
    • Manual and IT Control procedures 
    • Documentation and Management Letter including significant control weakness findings, impact and recommendations
  5. Regular Meeting with Management/Boards of Directors to communicate issues and recommendation
Our Audit Approaches
  1. The important consideration is to perform the audit as effectively and efficiently as possible. Since all organizations are unique, very few audits can be performed using identical work plans.
  2. Our audit process provides a means so that audit effort is placed where audit risks and significance are the greatest.
  3. Our planning and coordination of the audit can be divided into six phases:
    • Phase 1: Kick-off Meeting
    • Phase 2: Planning
    • Phase 3: Systems Review and Testing
    • Phase 4: Audit of Account Balances
    • Phase 5: Review of Preliminary Drafts and Report Submission
    • Phase 6: Post-Audit Critique and Future Planning